Thursday, March 18, 2004

Dedication To All The Madmen & All The Human Beings

And after all these years we are still the same
Same old days with different dates
Helping me, Helping you, The secret of the universe
When the soul will rest in peace it's not the end
Beginning of a new birth with a new date but by the same way
Anger of "NO CREATION" still in our veins
Our own spirit is a sacrifice for the freedom of all human beings
God inside us … God outside us … We are GOD
Free will to be … Free will of God
And the anger still rage inside us
No way to make him out
The harmony of the universe is just our souls singing
New celebration for a new birth
Same celebration for the ONE who die

And after all these years we are still the same people
Sons of Sun … Children of the Night … Freedom Fighters … Destiny killer
Just names for same people
The names of ONE
Each time I see the light
I feel the power inside the sleeping ONES
I got hope that fly to the infinity of the nowhere land
And the sun rise once again
I've got the chance to see it once again
Space of souls is around the universe
Each creation has her lost half there
The holy number inside the ONE was repeated once again

Each time I call your name … I feel the power
Each time I sing for you … I hear your laughing
Each time I sleep … I see you in my nightmares smiling for my internal hope
Space of souls is out there

And after all these years I am the same one
I am the one who betrayed himself
Killing my own life to construct another one
My mind seeks reality
My eyes kiss the morning sun
My hands play the rhythm of life
I'm ONE who is helping in the creation as you are another ONE who is helping in the same creation
My sacrifice is still there
In the space of souls
At least I'm free once again

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